Storm Drain Services in South Florida

Storm drain services in South Florida

The counties Utility office was created to help solve the problem of polluted storm-water and to improve the drainage capability of areas that are susceptible to flooding. They also go toward reducing pollution caused by silt, oil, gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides and other litter carried by the storm-water to the drainage systems and canals that have been developed to prevent flooding during a heavy rainfall. Storm-water drains not only have to remove water from the streets as quickly as possible, but they also have to deal with all of the contaminants that get picked up along the way. Once the storm-water pollution reaches our waterways, it can be harmful to plants and animals. Large doses of organic pollution can cause fish and other marine life to suffocate from lack of dissolved oxygen (consumed in the process of decomposition), litter can injure unsuspecting fish, turtles, and even manatees and whales, and harsh chemicals (like automotive and cleaning fluids) can be toxic to marine life.

If your Parking Lot Drain, commonly known as either Storm Sewers or Catch Basins, is flooded, slow draining, full of leaves, trash or sand and interfering with your business, call Pump Outs Unlimited for a same day Free quote!

We are a South Florida based ALL service environmental waste water company specializing in storm drain, lift station & grease trap maintenance.

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