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Storm Drain Services

Storm Drain Services

What Is A Storm Drain?

Parking lots, streets and roads are a few namable places you’ve probably seen a storm drain. Storm drains rid us of unwanted storm water. A catch basin or storm drain is a curbside drain with the sole function of collecting rainwater from our properties and streets and transporting it to local waterways through a system of underground piping, culverts and/or drainage ditches. Storm drains can also be found in parking lots and serve the same purpose. In county and city areas, that water never goes to the sewer treatment plant to be cleaned, but flows directly into our creeks, rivers, sloughs and bay.

Other Popular Structures We Service

  • Catch Basins.
  • French Drains.
  • Soakage Pits.
  • Trench Drains.
Our fleet of combination trucks manufactured by VAC-CON typically equipped with 600’ of 1” diameter sewer cleaning hose is capable of producing water pressures up to 2500 psi at 80 gallons per minute. Water tank capacity is ~1500 gallons. Our trucks are equipped with everything needed to handle any size job. Pump Outs Unlimited has developed the proper selection of sewer cleaning tools and we employ the latest technologies available. Each truck is equipped with the proper selection of penetrating nozzles, various angled jet nozzles, spinner nozzles, root saws, large diameter pipe cleaning nozzles, and high RPM chain flails. Safety comes first at Pump Outs Unlimited; each truck is manned with a two-person crew. Each truck is equipped has beacons, arrow boards, traffic cones, flashers, and appropriate safety signs and flags.We work with our customers to provide annual maintenance contracts, project work or single jobs. Pump Outs Unlimited provides Storm Drain Cleaning services in Miami Dade and Broward.

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We are a South Florida based ALL service environmental waste water company specializing in storm drain, lift station & grease trap maintenance.

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