Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) Solutions

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey Services

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey

The Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) is an assessment carried out every 10 years and is required by Miami-Dade County Division of Environmental Resource Management (DERM). It is done to identify and correct excessive infiltration and inflow in the sanitary sewer collection system. This survey is essential for discovering potential flaws, enhancing system effectiveness, and guaranteeing the upkeep of the environment and public health. There are two different types of SSES assessments; Plan A and Plan B. A Plan A assessment is performed when the entirety of the sewer system consists of less than 1,000 feet of piping. A Plan B assessment is performed when the sewer system consists of 1,000 feet or more of piping. Both plans consist of a visual inspection of the pump station or gravity system and all of its components (ie: manholes, cleanouts, etc.). Secondly, a smoke test is performed. This consists of injecting artificial smoke into the sewer lines and ensuring that it reaches the entire system. In a Plan B, a flow test during the wet season is required to monitor inflow and infiltration levels. A licensed professional engineer will then create an updated sanitary sewer collection system drawing. A report will be written closely following the rules and regulations provided to ensure your pump station is meeting compliance standards established by DERM. Our team of professionals are dedicated to guiding you through all the important steps.

Report shall include the following

  • System Type & Description.
  • Facility Name.
  • Location.
  • Permit Number.
  • Visual Inspection Findings.
  • Smoke Test Results.
  • System Repairs (if applicable) ect.

Pump Outs Unlimited is committed to our customers to not only provide then with the very best price and service but also to keep them in compliance with all state, local and federal regulations. We will be pleased to prepare a formal proposal for your firm at your request based on the facilities at which you may need our services.

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