Grease traps and interceptors are pieces of equipment that are instrumental in helping to protect sewer systems from backing up and causing a serious plumbing issue. As in all plumbing parts, grease traps require regular maintenance. Grease can build up fairly quickly in your pipes and cause a backup. Not having preventive grease trap service could cost you a lot in lost income ( if you are unable to serve customers due to a backup.)

Restaurants that run food down the garbage disposal, are especially at risk for a backup, as food particles can fill up the grease trap and create a clog in the sewer lines.Restaurants and food service kitchens are usually responsible for producing the highest amounts of grease. These establishments have to take in account that there are many sources grease may come from. Cooking appliances are major producers of grease, but so do dish washing areas. Restaurant management staff should routinely inspect these systems to insure the grease levels are not at a maximum level. It is also suggested that your staff cleans the grease trap every week in order to reduce maintenance costs and lower the risk of a backup.

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