Unless you'd like to go for a swim in your parking lot, you're suggested to vacuum & clean your drainage system at least once a year. Trust in Pump Outs Unlimited to vacuum and haul all the standing water from your parking lot.

Our unique tropical climate calls for rainfall throughout the year. Which means - potential flooding is definitely coming your way if you fail to look after your drain system. Drainage structures such as storm drains, catch basins and soakage pits are vital to maintain our roadways and parking lots free of flooding.

Pump Outs Unlimited provides Storm Drain cleaning and maintenance services to both Commercial & Residential customers. We have a fleet of trucks that have the capability to clean and vacuum mainline sewers, storm drains, wet and dry wells, lift stations, catch basin and storm drain culverts.

The fleet of combination trucks manufactured by VAC-CON typically equipped with 600’ of 1” diameter sewer cleaning hose capable of producing water pressures up to 2500 psi at 80 gallons per minute. Water tank capacity is up to 1500 gallons. Depending on the application, the trucks are equipped with positive displacement blowers or 3 stage fans in combination with 10 yard debris tanks.