Dumping into storm drains is not just wrong..

Dumping into storm drains is not just wrong..

it's illegal too!

Updated December 28 2017 | Published December 28 2017

Storm water, or rain water, flows into the storm drains you see at street corners or into roadside ditches.

Unlike the water that flows down the drains inside your home which goes to sewage treatment facilities, the storm drain system is completely separate; water in the storm drain receive no treatment or filtering process. This means that any pollution that gets washed into the storm drains go directly to our creeks, rivers, bays and ultimately our beautiful oceans. Examples of common storm water pollution come from construction debris, material stockpiles, automotive fluids, erosion, paint, pesticides, litter or any other industrial, construction and household materials. So be sure to keep all work areas clean and sweep up litter and debris; cover storage and dumpsters and clean them regularly to avoid leaks; and install silt fences and other erosion controls where needed and properly maintain them especially after rainstorms.

Remember, it’s illegal to dump or discharge waste or pollution into storm drains! So do the right thing and make keeping storm water clean part of your job.

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